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Bioremediation Fundamentals

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bioremediation cASE STUDIES

SAMPLE AERATION CASE STUDIES: petroleum refinery stream containing benzene:

Let's calculate an estimate of the required solids retention time for a small petroleum refinery stream containing benzene (1850 ppm -> COD = 1850* 3.08 = 5700 mg/L). Please be aware that these calculations are a simplification of the actual project data. For example, actual solids inventories could be smaller or larger and all other derived magnitudes adjusted accordingly. SRT is thus about ballpark.

SRT Sludge Age Sizer
T 25 °C
Yoc 0.5 Petroleum Refinery Stream
Kd 0.250 (also called b) Stream containing about 1850 ppm benzene
Carbonaceous Removal Sludge Age
flow in 240 m3/d 0.063 mgd
CODin 5700 mg/L 3011 lbCOD/day 1366 kgCOD/day applied
0 kgCOD/day via denitrif
Percent 100 % Treated 1366 kgCOD/day
Percent 98 % COD removed
Vreactor 190440 gallon 721 m3 (from order of magnitude sizing)
0.19044 mg 1.89 kg applied COD/day per m3 (Residual OK)
Target MLVSS 1.89 kg applied + from denitri COD d/m3
5320 mg/L 8439.463 lb bugs 3828 kg bugs total bugs in tank but say only 100.0 % heterotrophs
5320 mg/L 8439.463 lb bugs 3828 kg bugs (heterotrophic biomass)
SRT     20.04 days (iterates automatically)
Ync 0.143 ok f/m 0.357 kg AppliedCOD d per total kg bugs (Residual OK)
f/m 0.357 kg Applied + From Dentir / total kg bugs
biomass yield = 191 kg/day bugs due to appliedCOD
HRT = V / Q = 3.0 days
72 hours ok






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